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Revelation from a Near Death Experience

Let’s train our minds!

WHAT IT IS NOT: learning concepts and adapting someone else’s insights.


Give your mind a new and exciting challenge for each new day. (Your mind loves to be given a job)

This action of mind will bring you creativity, curiosity and positivity.

Be clear on what your creative project or purpose is.

Follow these three steps:
1. Ask your mind to tune into the Universal energy (Love) and ignore the intruding analytical voice in your head
2. Clearly state your project or purpose in your mind OR draw a question card using the shuffler on the app page.
3. Select a creative principle out of the cards on the app page or use the creative shuffler.

Spend some time Mind Mapping on the principle you feel attracted to. Allow your thoughts to wander. Creativity is a method to break free of thought patterns that fail to get us closer to a solution or our goals. Then, when you’re resonating with the creative principle you hand the job completely over to your mind for the day. It is it’s job now to let Creativity in! (Hint: excessive concentration kills creativity. However socialising exposes us to different perspectives which leads to inspiration!)


You draw a question card, for example: “How can I listen best to my heart today?”
Next, you pick a Creative Principle, for example: “Create The Good and The Beautiful”.

Here are examples of actions related to the above Creative Principle:

Channel emotions positively to motivate the creation of good and beautiful experiences

Positive thinking and appreciation let light, happiness and inspiration in

Let go and watch all of your work towards a goal become reality

Think about what a true gift would be

Enjoy being creative and watch stresses and negativity being undone as snow melts in the sun! Last but not least: TAKE ACTION! Or in other words, don’t philosophise or analyse but UTILISE! ❤️


The question cards are found as a movie clip that simply needs to be started. Thus, first “tap the start button”. Then hover over the movie and a control panel will pop up at the bottom of the movie. “Tap the pause button” to pick a question card.

Next, glance over the “Creative Principle” cards and pick one at random or pick one you feel attracted to. Tap on the card and there’s your Creative Principle! There’s a tab on the menu with more creative ideas on all of the principles as well. Alternatively, you can use the creative shuffler and find a creative principle for the day. ❤️