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What all people seek, what sustains them, is love, the light told me.

Revelation from a Near Death Experience

Meet “Michael”

I committed my life to work out a way to link life on planet earth with the power of Creation.

Progressing on my journey, I learned that in a nutshell, the Universe is a resource without end, filled with ideas and energy. I also discovered that these Ideas continuously seek to express themselves through us as individuals who are never separate from the Whole.

Through spontaneous incidents, such as my kundalini awakening and near death experience, I realised that there truely is a Universal energy. or life force. An energy quite distinct from the electromagnetic spectrum.

These transformative life events showed me then that we have a job to do as co-creators; that we have to accept our responsibility as a steward of this Universal energy and use it to be the true creatives that we are.

Once I knew what I wanted to do, I “signed my contract” and accepted my place in Creation. I embarked on finding a way to successfully train my mind to stay in the flow of that Universal energy all of the time.

My vision in creating this mind training was underpinned with what I learned through experience:

  • Nothing compares to the art of creativity
  • New ideas are what fuels our economy; ideas won’t ever run dry
  • It seems that creative thinking leaves us in the lurch right when we need it most
  • Our brains love to be given a job to do
  • Our brain is constantly generating huge files of possible ideas, however it then filters these out
  • The ability to go back and forth and all over the place is very helpful to solve a problem with creative and divergent thinking (Mind Mapping)
  • Creativity is a method for solving challenges in order to break free of thought patterns that fail to get us closer to a solution
  • Excessive concentration kills creativity
  • Socialising exposes us to different perspectives which leads to inspiration
  • It is paramount to develop your own creative channel: there is only your way; there is no right or wrong

Eventually, my efforts started to pay off. That analytical voice, “the intruder”, which always tries to talk me out of stepping out of my comfort zone, became softer and softer and lost it grip on me.  I managed to sculpt a condition of mind based on action; action of mind. A condition with low expectations and demands but paradoxically perhaps wanting the best of the best through being curious, positive and creative. This condition keeps me happy. Happy for no reason, but rather happy because it is natural to be happy, because it is our birth right to be happy.

Life on planet earth still shows it ugly side but the “predator’s teeth” have lost their sharpness  and I no longer am determined by my life situations because I know who I am.

Of course, there is that thing most of the world revolves around: money. That however is beyond the scope of my creative project. Yet, I am now ready and feel equipped to learn how to be creative with money. Blockchains are what I am curious about.

Back to my story, I believe that we are born innocent and perfect, and that we still are that way. We just forget it along the way.  What happens is that because we are naturally sensitive we wear a mask. It can be alcohol, drugs, shopping, eating, gambling, or many other things. They all have something in common, they are a mask that we wear in order to try to prevent psychological damage. 

This is about recovery of self, to remove this mask and be who you are, and not be afraid or have shame about it. Because when you are not your true self, you are robbing humanity of your true self’s gifts that are needed. We all have unique gifts that make the whole better. Let them shine. It is like swimming against the stream when you are not your true self, you will get tired, and eventually drown. It is exhausting being someone you are not.

I grew up in Amsterdam where I graduated in medicine back in 1985 and completed my doctoral degree in 1988. I completed many postgraduate degrees, including a Masters degree with a major in mind transformation.

My wife and I came to direct a healing centre for spiritual healing in the USA. In the 1990s I lobbied with the WHO to develop standards to help to minimise the distress and grief associated with end-of-life care for the individual, and for their family, friends and carers. Recently, I co-authored a guideline for wellbeing published by ACORN, the national organisation in Australia for perioperative nurses.


Introducing a three step evidence-based approach to tune your thinking to be creative, positive, curious and aligned with your personal contract with Creation.

Without the requirement of having to learn or master a technique or skill, the Project Love App offers professional and engaging mind training as part of a growing global community of like-minded individuals.

There is, has been, and will always be, in our psyche an innate faculty of self-realisation and understanding of our purpose for being. However, take to heart that your assignment doesn’t have to be deeply meaningful or artistic or inventive. In a sense, it is the most important thing for you but at the same time it should not matter. What is most important is that you come to learn who you really are!

❤️ APP

The App is a tool to use on a daily basis. It provides you with questions and creative principles that will instantly open your mind to receive guidance, insights and energy effortlessly. You can find the app on the APP page .


My one-on-one readings, which take 60 minutes, help you with questions such as:

How can I set clear boundaries around my responsibilities for my family and my business/career?

How can I shape my vision for an inspired, creative new me in the third 30 years of my life?

How can I gain focus on grounding all of the wonderful information available in the Universe?

How can I no longer place the needs of others ahead of my own?

How can I remove the blocks to my awareness and use of my talent, curiosity and inspiration?

How can I find the courage to honestly look at the role I have now and the one I desire to be in?

How can I elevate my thinking to a more positive level?


Did you ever try to learn how our mind truely works? Shifting through tons of memes, self-help and spiritual teachings takes way too long for the average person. Unless you are willing to commit multiple hours a day to separate fact from fiction, it is impossible to get a clear picture. My mission is to constantly learn and share the knowledge I gain on how the mind works so that you can use it to empower yourself. On the education page I published a series of narrated power point presentations on what I learned from neuroscience.


‘Michael is a reader who makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. He listens and hears you. He helps you to get to the heart of what you want to know and how to achieve it. All with sensitivity, intelligence and a sincere interest in helping you to experience miracles in your life.’

Review by Ros Place, founder of the Oracle Card Academy



” Thank you for the experience of a lifetime”

Josephine + Hayley

Just wanted to let you know how much you’re appreciated, People like you are rare indeed”

❤️ Moni

“I wanted to reach out to you for all the incredible work you have done in preparing & supporting our staff during the recent covid19 crisis”


“This card is way too small to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. but thank you so, so much! we all appreciate your endless knowledge and that you always find a way to make us laugh when it’s been a tough day”


” A huge thank you for your unlimited support and guidance throughout my final placement. you have gone above and beyond to support me. i really aprreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement. thank you for your approachability, kindness and passion”


” If it means anything Michael, I (and I know the others agree) value you as a leader very much. I’ve never met someone during my nursing as patient and passionate as you are. I won’t ever forget how welcoming you were when I first started, it made a huge difference. everyone can see how much we love you!